Neutrals & Purple Gnome with Starbucks cup

Neutrals & Purple Gnome with Starbucks cup

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The perfect neutral gnome to display all year long, he’s precious , I hope you love him too. 

Measures 17”  high from his hat to his bottom sitting and approx 4” wide 

These are very limited because his hat, arms and legs are cut out of a scarf that I only have 1 of. 

The exact same sweater may not be used but the same color will be used. It’s just depends on availability 

The body is hand sewn out of charcoal fleece and stuffed with rice for weight and poly fill

The hat, arms & legs are a soft cream recycled scarf 

The beard is made from faux fur

The nose is made from a Felt 

All embellishments are glued for durability

Gnomes are meant to be decor in your home, sitting quietly on a shelf. They are not made to withstand the daily love of a child. Small parts such as the nose can pose as a choking hazard. ♥